Welcome to the MelKat Creative Consult Website

Are you a small business owner or a member of a Board of Directors for a nonprofit organization?  Are you in the Wyandotte County area or are you a DOTTE?  Then WELCOME to MelKat Creative Consult.  (Actually all are welcome regardless of interest or locality.)

MELissa Bynum and KATe Fields have know each other since grade school and, without giving away current ages, that was a day or two ago.  They have supported each other and a variety of nonprofit efforts in the Wyandotte County area for low those many years.

MelKat (comes from MELissa and KATe) has been a dream of theirs for years.  They simply want to help….hence the tag line

“We Help NonProfits Help Others.”

Pat Brune retired from the Federal Court system a few years back and has become part of the MelKat team working to share the word that help has arrived.

You can follow us on Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/MelkatCreativeConsult.  Or go to the Facebook page here on the web site to see the most recent postings.

Contact us at pat@melkatcreativeconsult.com or by calling 913-608-9360.

Poke around on this site and let us know what you think…