Why Have a Mission Statement and How to Create One

Every organization, regardless of size, should have a Mission Statement. Stephen Covey even recommends that individuals and families go through the process of creating one.  Why?  What is so valuable about two to three paragraphs of text?

A Mission Statement concentrates on the present.  It answers four main questions:

  • What do we do today?
  • How do we do it?
  • For whom do we do it?
  • What is the benefit?

A good Mission Statement starts with a defining story.  If you are a business, define your market with this.  If you are an individual or for your family, make it more personal with still use it to define what you do.

Next take a few lines to set out how your life, your family’s life, or your customer’s life is better because you do this.

If you are a business, take a few lines to describe why your employees are better with you than working elsewhere.  What does your business DO for your employees.  Then talk a little about what the business does for the owners.

Discuss, digest, cut, polish, review and revise this MIssion Statement as often as needed. Make sure it continues to describe your critical processes and the level of performance expected.

It should truly become “words to live/work by”.


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