Vision Statements

We have all heard about the need for Vision Statements.  They are designed to tell others where we are heading; as a business, family or even as an individual.

The vision statement should outline what you want to create in the future and for whom.  While it should be realistic and attainable, it should also be a source of inspiration helping to motivate action toward the very future being described.

Here are two examples of vision statements:

Online Retailer

“We intend to provide our customers with the best online shopping experience from beginning to end, with a smart, searchable website, easy-to-follow instructions, clear and secure payment methods, and fast, quality delivery.”

Hair Salon

“Our salon will change the way you think about a haircut. Full service comfort, friendly staff, a relaxing atmosphere, and the best prices in town give you an experience that will leave you glowing both inside and out.”

Notice how both are written in such a way to show what the future will be; “we intend” and “will change” are the words that set the time frame.  The rest of each statement incorporates the steps that will be taken to make sure the customer arrives as this new, better place.

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